RMG business: New entrepreneurs have to obtain relevant knowledge and skill and government should provide financial support to establish them

Mohammad Nurul Alam

Tex Challengers Asia is a professionally service-oriented fashion company based in Dhaka that leads to establishing sustainable clothing globally. And Mahmudul Islam Milton, MA(English) MBA is the CEO of the company a dedicated personality to be a pioneer and challenger for changing business concepts to work for value, not for volume in the Bangladesh RMG sector.

He has decades of experience in merchandising both in the trading and retailer’s office. He has also immense knowledge in sourcing, dealing and convincing customers to build sustainable relationships and businesses.

He started his earlier career as a merchandiser in a local sweater factory where he could gather practical experience in the manufacturing unit then worked at Haddad Apparel an American retailer after that Redcats a European Retail Apparel and Fashion that has been allowed him to know and understand both American and European customers.

While he was working as business head in the Li & Fung Ltd and Asmara Bangladesh Ltd he learnt the trading business model and also knew about various kinds of products like woven shirts, tops, jackets, bottoms, pyjamas, circular and flat knit that produced based on fashion wear.

Recently Textile Focus met him and have details of the conversation in regards to Bangladesh RMG sector, its prospect and future of sustainable business, opportunity and challenges.

Mahmudul Islam Milton, CEO Tex Challengers Asia
Mahmudul Islam Milton, CEO Tex Challengers Asia

Tex Challengers Asia and sister concern 

With the aim of no compromise in quality, Best quality fabrics, Sincerity and honesty to work, reasonable cost as compared to the market and timely shipment guarantee – Tex Challengers Asia was started its journey in 2003 but service operations delivered in 2018 and after immediately started business operation the global pandemic coronavirus effected and halted the entire business.

“where everyone fails, we take a challenge.” this is the business theme and so challenges could not stop the progress of the business rather transform them into opportunities for the biggest success.

Mr Milton says “My long-time business and merchandising experience, analytical marketing knowledge, and sourcing network help me to overcome the challenges and thus could able to get customer satisfaction.”

Tex Challenger Asia is producing mostly value-added garments like padded jackets, blazers, denim bottoms and varieties of kid’s products for Europe and American customers. In answer to a question Mr Milton informed Textile focus “We have fashion designers to create a new idea for the customers and a strong sourcing network at home and abroad to provide quality products”. He further said, “Our production unit is prepared for all kinds of value-added garments to make and doing value base business and not to run after large volume with low value.”

MS Trading International, Grand Clothing Limited and Grand Pyret are the sister concern of Tex Challenger Asia to provide services for customers from design to export in every phase. 

Grand Pyret is a fashion brand to provide attractive, high-quality, contemporary, genuine and affordable clothing for Bangladeshi people. The online shopping brand will be launched soon and plan to start shopping in the prime location of Dhaka and the district level of the country if the online platform gets positive customer feedback.

The future of Bangladesh RMG is bright because making 2nd Bangladesh is not easy for the brand.

While discussing the future of Bangladesh’s RMG sector he confidently expressed that the apparel industry here might have a bright future and to make the more strong and secure position in the RMG business all the stakeholders and government should have to work together to improve the working conditions, skill development and for adaptation of new technology.

He also said Bangladesh now is the 2nd RMG exporter in the world and so making the 2nd Bangladesh as an alternative for apparel sourcing other than Bangladesh will not be an easy task for the Brand so entrepreneurs should not have to feel insecure about loss of business rather must put strong negotiations to get reasonable garment price.

Mahmudul Islam Milton, CEO of Tex Challengers Asia showing product collection
Mahmudul Islam Milton, CEO of Tex Challengers Asia showing product collection from various ranges with Mohammad Nurul Alam, Textile Focus

Need to focus on small entrepreneurs to grow

“We have to focus on small entrepreneurs because 30 years back the garments maker who started the business with 30 machines now they are big entrepreneur.” Said Mr Milton while exchanging his views with Textile focus in regards to how new entrepreneurs will start their business in the RMG sector.

New entrepreneurs must have to obtain relevant business knowledge and skill that may require during running the business. He also added Government and all the financial institutions must come forward to help the small entrepreneurs with policy and financial support otherwise healthy economy for Bangladesh and the dream of getting the status of a mid-level income country will be untouched.

Merchandising is still an attractive profession in the RMG sector

Merchandisers is a key role player in the apparel industry and so this profession is still appealing and attractive to the young generation but their inadequate product knowledge, reluctant to hard work, lacking dedication and not to be goal oriented as well as inefficient team role players are the major professional deficiency in the sector. So the new generation is staying behind the foreign expert who is working in Bangladesh’s RMG industry and always fails to keep competency. Mr Milton opined in the conversation.

He further added, ” Foreign experts who are working in the RMG sector from the neighbouring country are also facing competition in the related field and have to prove their personal competence to stay competitive in the sector.”

 Tex Challengers Asia product type export

Tex Challengers Asia – Ready-Made Garment export overview on 2022 

In a separate question in regards to a foreign expert that countries RMG profit has been drained out due to the expert’s payment every year, Mr Milton shows his disagreement and said ” Foreign experts are coming in our country to earn but at the same time they are bringing huge RMG business by their expertise and putting contribution in the sector.” “But we should downturn of dependency on the foreign expert gradually by improving our own expertise and skill” he further added.

Textile Focus is one of the pioneer textile magazine in Bangladesh

Mr Milton shows his deep satisfaction that Textile Focus is greatly contributing to Bangladesh’s RMG sector through its analytical reports, and RMG updates and by building a communicational bridge among the suppliers and manufacturers. He says “Textile Focus is greatly contributing to the RMG sector through both its online and printed versions. The analytical reports show the RMG sector the forthcoming business opportunities and challenges which is greatly helpful for related parties. “