RMG Workers have requested the government to set up a new wage board

Workers in the ready-to-wear industry have requested the government to set up a new wage board for them right away in light of the skyrocketing costs of basic necessities and living expenses.

On Friday, garment workers in the capital presented their requests at a human chain while being led by the National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF). They said that the precarious and terrible conditions faced by garment workers are caused by the rising cost of basic necessities.

The government set the minimum salary for employees of the apparel industry, which is the largest export-oriented sector in the nation, four years ago. For garment workers, a new minimum wage has not yet been established, despite the fact that living expenses, such as rent and daily necessities, have increased dramatically in recent years.

Amirul Haque, president of the Garment Workers Federation, vehemently urged the establishment of a new living wage for employees in the textile industry. Given the nation’s economic progress, he stated, “We urge the establishment of a new wage board for garment workers and a dignified standard of living for employees.” All worker organizations were urged by the federation leaders to maintain their unity and take action responsibly in this regard.