S.F. Trading Corporation has been involved with customs Clearing and forwarding, Freight Forwarding, and Logistics Services for the last thirty-five (35) years


Inheriting S.F. Trading Corporation is attached with strings of hope, and emotions, and upholding the realm and the transfer of the baton of an establishment of 35 years old is a blessing. Bringing the company to the world as an emerging clearing and forwarding business service has been the goal. It has been a journey creating specialization in the industry of Customs Clearance in the Export and import sector.

S.F. Trading Corporation is a Clearing/Forwarding, and Logistics services company that has been working in all the Ports in Bangladesh. It has been doing the Customs Clearance of all types of Garments (RMGs) industries, Power Plant Sectors, and other sectors as well. They have been working in Dhaka Airport & Chottogram Seaport, Benapole, AEPZ, DEPZ, EPZ, Mongla and Payra. They have also specialized in Power Plant Industry e.g., Oil & Gas, Coal, Solar /Renewable Energy, Power Grid etc. The Directors of the company each have more than twenty years of experience in the field of customs clearance of projects, garments and commercial work, and materials handling, and providing the right approach for full logistic support for smooth transportation till the delivery site.

Figure: Rezwanur, Rahman, Director, S.F. Trading Corporation

Recently Textile Focus met Mr. Rezwanur, Rahman, Director, S.F. Trading Corporation. Mr. Rezwanur did his O’Levels and A’Levels and studied in English medium background. He then finished his undergraduate degree from North South University, majoring in marketing. Immediately, after finishing his bachelor’s degree he went on to pursue his master’s degree, from Cranfield University, the United Kingdom majoring in MSC in Strategic Marketing under the Cranfield School of Management. Right after submitting his thesis, he came back to Bangladesh and joined as a lecturer at North South University, and his course was Management Promotions. He also told us, that knowledge is something that is very important to pass in the best way possible. Helping it reach to the youth is the prime method and that is why becoming a lecturer was a dream and an accomplishment to teach where he was a student. While continuing his hobby as a lecturer, he also has several other tags under his belt. He is one of the owners of an American-based Franchised coffee chain in Bangladesh named CrimsonCup. He carried along to make more interest in the food industry by establishing a Pan Asian cuisine restaurant named Ginza, and both are in the popular areas of Dhaka city in Banani, Gulshan, Dhanmondi, and other locations. While concentrating on his ventures, it did not make him forget the responsibilities Mr. Rezwanur decided to take care of. After coming back from the UK, he mainly joined his family business ‘S.F. Trading Corporation’ and made himself more involved in the business each day, observing the thoughts of every client and being the marketing manager for the company by working in the ground-level and now after seven years of understanding the know-how of the industry of export and import and the knowledge of the customs of different ports has made him more excited to work in the field as a young entrepreneur and has different plans and ways to work in the industry. The discussion points are mentioned below for our readers-

Textile Focus: What are the activities of S.F. Trading Corporation?

Rezwanur Rahman: As mentioned earlier, S.F. Trading Corporation has been involved with customs Clearing and forwarding, Freight Forwarding, and Logistics Services for the last thirty-five (35) years. AGGREKO Power Solutions has been one of our major clients for the last two decades and we have experience managing high-volume megawatt (MW) projects with Clearing and forwarding all over Bangladesh. Also, we specialize in managing exports and imports focusing on customs clearance and logistics of ready-made garments (RMG), Textile mills, Spinning mills, and other individual production industries as well. We have also been clearing the items of a few governments’ ministries and how the previous tradition has been replaced with more organized and less barrier to entry has now established in those offices.

The company plays a very vital role in the businesses of the clients, as they must depend for their items of the shipment to be released from the customs that arrives through import and for the finished items which they send through export. This is a service industry that many other companies or industries depend upon, and we firmly hold our image with the help of valued knowledge and experienced personnel that we have with us for the last Fifteen (15) to Twenty (20) years in our organization.

Textile Focus: How do you see the growth of Bangladesh’s RMG Sector?

Rezwanur Rahman: Over the years, RMG sectors or ready-made garments have had a good amount of export every year and it is rapidly increasing its numbers, making it very beneficial for our country in terms of remittance.  In the fiscal year 2022-2023, the export of RMG sectors has contributed 9.25 percent to the GDP of Bangladesh. But it has been observed that the exports have been falling a bit on the downslope by a few points at the end of 2023 as world demand for clothing slows down. I believe that the overall order has also decreased around the world as there is political turmoil regarding the relationships among the countries, hence affecting trade. On the other hand, there have been a few ongoing mysteries between the USA and China regarding their trade affair, and since there have been few barriers to export from Vietnam as well as from Pakistan. This opens a good window for Bangladesh as we are known for having cheap labor, a knowledgeable workforce, and the finesse of completing the job in a splendid manner. If we think about the positive possibility up-front based on the scenarios described, it is expected that the export of ready-made garments will increase by a good margin by the mid-year of 2024.

Textile Focus: How will SF Trading Corporation support in RMG sector and what is your future?

Rezwanur Rahman: Establishing the organization’s image is very vital. In our field of business, the images are the individual representing the firm. A change into a positive mindset and believing us as their team. Having a round table discussion at least once a month amongst the organization leaders of RMG in a forum/gathering might widen the transparency of business communication amongst each other. My Father has always taught me to do business with ethics and morality, but most importantly “CLARITY”. A rule of Professional truth that is usually believed in our line of business. And i.e., “Always portray and be clear to three (3) Professions: Doctors, Lawyers, and C&F Agents”. Thus, establishing that is a major plan in the future.

To create an association of young leaders like BAYLA amongst the young leaders of the C & F field and work attentively on the improvement of this sector. The leaders of the Customs Agents Association should plan to put forward some ideas and discussions regarding the betterment of export and import policy, HS Code updating, reducing charges on Items having Demurrages on the port, etc. All these agendas should be discussed with associations like BGMEA, FBCCI, BTMEA, etc. Every day is a hurdle and a test of strength to yourself, business is an art, and nursing to the epitome is the dream.