Saleudh Zaman Khan newly elected Vice President of BTMA

In a momentous announcement during the 38th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA), Mr. Saleudh Zaman Khan, Managing Director of NZ Tex Group, has been elected as the Vice President for the 2023-2025 session. The AGM, held on September 24th at the BTMA office, revealed the newly elected board members, solidifying Mr. Khan’s position as a key leader in the textile industry.

Saleudhzaman Khan, Managing Director of NZ Tex Group

The election of Mr. Saleudh Zaman Khan as Vice President of BTMA signifies his dedication to the growth and development of the textile sector in Bangladesh. His extensive experience and leadership within NZ Tex Group have earned him a well-deserved place on the board of the prestigious association.

During the same AGM, Mr. Mohammad Ali Khokon was re-elected as the President of BTMA, further solidifying the association’s leadership. Additionally, three Vice Presidents were appointed, collectively forming a dynamic team to steer BTMA in the coming years.

Mr. Saleudh Zaman Khan’s appointment to this influential position is expected to strengthen the textile industry’s position in Bangladesh, fostering innovation, sustainable practices, and global competitiveness. His leadership at NZ Tex Group has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and the highest industry standards.

As Bangladesh’s textile industry continues to play a vital role in the nation’s economy, Mr. Saleudh Zaman Khan’s election as Vice President of BTMA reflects a bright future for the sector, marked by growth, diversification, and global prominence. This development promises to benefit both the industry and its valued customers alike.