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Saudi Arabia’s recent ban on Turkish-made clothing is escalating competition in global fashion markets


saudi-ban-on-turkish-goodsA de facto Saudi ban on Turkish products is a sign of the escalation of competition between regional forces among global fashion markets. The effect of restrictions has however been minimized by Mango, which has almost 50 stores in Saudi Arabia. This is not a major problem according to the brand because of the diversity and versatility of production and is sure of continuing business in Saudi Arabia in ordinary circumstances.

H&M from Sweden said it was too early to comment on the trade restrictions that we recently communicated and their relevance for our business. British Marks & Spencer and Inditex of Spain, which have Turkish goods even and Saudi Arabia shops, refused to comment. Saudi Arabia recently prohibited all imports of Turkish products from Boohoo, a UK-based online retailer that aims to expand in the Middle East. Whether Turkish-made clothing will be affected is a consequence. Turkish goods have been met during the past month by lengthy delays in Saudi customs. The issues have been perceived by firms as an effort to blame the nation for what they see as its destabilizing interventions in the Arab world by Riyadh and his near ally, the United Arab Emirates.