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How do you see the industry in terms of order and upcoming business trend?


Special Correspondent :Due to the pandemic situation, European Union and the world put the effort into textiles, clothes, footwear, and accessories supply chains, in the midst of an ongoing social and climate crisis. On another hand, the COVID has seriously impacted major manufacturing hubs (China, India, and Italy), leading to major supply disorders. Textile industry is the heart of our economy. We have developed our industry a lot and there are so many remarkable developments we have already achieved i.e Green Industry, Compliance Factory, industry best practices etc. Team Textile Focus talked with industry owners and stake holders and took a quick feedback regarding present business situation. Industry owners, recently  shared their opinion about recent scenario of RMG industry with Textile Focus.

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Neela Hosna Ara, Chairman, Crony Group

During this COVID pandemic situation, the biggest problem we now face is not the lack of orders from buyers, but the supply chain disruptions that inflate prices for essential inputs. For example, the prices of raw materials that we import, such as yarn, have increased exponentially.

Furthermore, transportation costs and customs dues have also increased. Thus, even if total export increases, we face many challenges. The only solution to move forward as a nation is to increase vaccination rates and achieve herd immunity. Otherwise, we will be locked in this vicious cycle of lockdowns and economic hardships.

Mahbub Khan Himel, Director,Mithela Group 

In this time when the world is stagnating in the COVID situation, the impact of Covid-19 in Bangladesh has largely hampered economic activity, as well as adversely affected demand for textile products abroad and domestic sales. The current situation of the second wave has also affected the availability of orders in the textile sector, but at a moderate and lower intensity than the first Covid-19 wave.

Business prospects in the textile and apparel industry could be a challenge due to supply chain disruptions, availability in containers and high transportation costs. In my opinion, the recovery of Bangladesh textile and garment industry may be delayed and prolonged till 2022-2023 due to the Covid-19 second second wave pandemic case. Now our only prayer to the great Lord is to soon bring us back to normal from this Covid-19 pandemic.

Abid Alam Chowdhury,Managing Director,KAC Fashion Wear Ltd 

The covid situation in customer’s country affects our orders more than the situation in our country. Since the majority of the European, US & Western countries are vaccinated, we hoping for an increase order in the last quarter of the year. Moreover, our government already started mass vaccination, hopefully by the end of this year our situation will be much better. Customers will be less reluctant to come to our country.