Seminar on Textile and Garment Waste Recycling Solutions organised by RH Corp and Powered by Dell’Orco & Villani’s


Bangladesh, a significant producer of textile waste worth millions of dollars annually, has been facing challenges in effectively managing this waste. Most of it ends up in landfills or is exported at very low prices, leading to commercial disadvantages. Only a small portion of the waste is reused within Bangladesh. To address this issue and promote a sustainable future for the country, RH Corporation, a sister concern of the AZIZ Group, has joined forces with Dell’Orco & Villani, a leading Italian company specializing in recycling equipment for textile waste.

RH Corporation aims to revolutionize Bangladesh’s waste recycling sector by introducing highly advanced and uniquely designed machines from Dell’Orco & Villani. These machines will enable the transformation of millions of dollars worth of waste into usable textiles, thereby boosting industry profits and contributing to a sustainable future.

To highlight the potential of textile waste and effective business processes, RH Corporation organized a seminar titled ‘Textile and Garment Waste Recycling Solutions’ on May 4, 2023. Powered by Dell’Orco & Villani, the event brought together industry leaders from various textile companies. The seminar showcased different opportunities for utilizing textile waste and explored innovations and technologies in recycling textile and garment waste.

Photo: Massimo Pisaneschi, Sales Director, Dell’Orco & Villani

During the seminar, Engr. ASM Hafizur Rahman Nixon, Executive Director of RH Corporation, discussed the current state of textile waste in the industry and future trends. Massimo Pisaneschi, Sales Director of Dell’Orco & Villani, presented innovations and technologies for textile and garment waste recycling. The event aimed to promote the 100 percent utilization of textile waste in Bangladesh’s textile sector, under the theme ‘Together for a sustainable textile production, let the waste amplify your profit.’

Photo: ASM Hafizur Rahman Nixon, Executive Director, RH Corporation

As the second-largest textile manufacturer globally, Bangladesh generates massive quantities of waste that urgently require recycling. RH Corporation and Dell’Orco & Villani are working in collaboration to address this pressing issue.

Dell’Orco & Villani, the world’s leading provider of textile waste recycling infrastructure, is fully committed to offering 100% recycling solutions to Bangladesh’s textile and garment industry. Their recycling machines can produce yarns ranging from 20s to 30s count by blending cotton waste with virgin cotton. The company also emphasizes the importance of recycling pre- and post-waste, advocating for the use of sustainable chemicals, dyes, and energy-efficient machines.

Miraz Feda, General Manager of Operations, HR & Administration at RH Corporation, stated, “Dell’Orco & Villani, an international brand, focuses on waste recycling and recommends recycling pre- and post-waste. They advise using more sustainable chemicals, dyes, and energy-efficient machines.”

Photo: Miraz Feda, General Manager of Operations, HR & Administration at RH Corporation

The apparel industry in Bangladesh contributed $42.61 billion in 2021–22, producing nearly 100 billion garments annually. From this production, Bangladesh generates 32 million tons of textile waste each year, with 87% of it ending up in landfills and only 2% being reused. By transitioning to a circular system in the industry, Bangladesh could unlock a $560 billion economic opportunity while reducing water, chemical, and pesticide usage.

Photo: Engr. ASM Hafizur Rahman Nixon, Executive Director of RH Corporation, discussed the current state of textile waste in the industry and future trends.

Dell’Orco & Villani’s advanced recycling machines, known for their unique features, offer a viable solution for textile waste recycling. Massimo Pisaneschi demonstrated how these machines are suitable for both small- and large-scale production, maximizing output while minimizing energy consumption. The machines incorporate separate mechanisms for individual parts, resulting in energy savings.

Furthermore, Dell’Orco & Villani, in collaboration with brand Nike, is actively providing solutions for non-woven innovation in waste recycling.

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