Sensient® Sets the Standard for Safe and Sustainable Digital Inkjet Technology at ITMA 2019


sensient-imaging-technologies-itma-2019-colorful-dress-3Sensient Imaging Technologies, a subsidiary of Sensient Technologies Corporation, will demonstrate its commitment to a safer and more sustainable future for the textiles industry with its range of innovative digital inkjet technology at stand H3-C107 during ITMA 2019 (20th-26th June, Barcelona). Visitors will have access to the latest inkjet solutions, designed to support textile manufacturers in reaching new heights of quality and consistency in an environmentally responsible way.

Sensient will be highlighting its new water-based sublimation ink ElvaJet® Coral at ITMA, which has been developed to reduce water usage, without compromising on quality or color. Vast amounts of energy and water are used during the production of textiles, and with the industry under pressure to improve its environmental credentials, there is a growing demand for solutions that help manufacturers and brands reduce the water footprint of their processes and products.

The latest addition to Sensient’s portfolio of sublimation inks, ElvaJet Coral, is a high-performance ink for direct printing onto polyester fabrics commonly used in sport and apparel applications. ElvaJet Coral offers an environmentally low impact solution for textiles by printing directly onto the substrate, removing the waste from transfer paper and residual ink. Tests have shown that the ink can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90%, and overall energy use by up to 60%. When it comes to reducing water usage, ElvaJet Coral requires just 1 liter of water compared to the 50 liters required for direct disperse printing.

Sensient’s unique dispersion technology was harnessed during the development of the ink to deliver improvements in color, sharpness, stability and performance. ElvaJet Coral has been formulated to include color-free materials to remove the risk of staining when wet. The ink also demonstrates excellent stability over long production runs, minimal maintenance and an increased open time of more than an hour, helping to streamline the production process and eliminate downtime.

Other water-based inks including Xennia® Amethyst, Xennia® Agate and ElvaJet® Opal will also be featured at the show, demonstrating the full range of solutions available from Sensient that deliver improved sustainability, quality and performance for the textiles industry. With a firm focus on the future, Sensient will be speaking to visitors at ITMA about how it is driving market-leading digital inkjet solutions that are backed by proven R&D, market expertise and technical support. Jérôme Jeanneret, Managing Director at Sensient Imaging Technologies commented, “With our expert understanding of the chemistry of color, the textiles industry can trust Sensient to deliver digital inkjet solutions that are environmentally responsible, high-performance, safe, protect the integrity of their brand and ultimately add value to their business. Having listened to the needs of our customers, our latest inks have been developed to address the need to reduce the use of chemicals, energy and water in the textiles printing process.”

“Our proprietary technology continues to set the quality and safety standards in the chemistry of digital inkjet innovation. We are looking forward to returning to ITMA to share the latest developments in our solutions for the textiles market and discuss with partners from across the textiles supply chain how we can partner together to deliver color they can trust.”