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Shanghai Int’l Digital Textile Printing Expo To be held on July 21-24, 2020



Digital printing technology has been widely used in the textile printing market due to its numerous technical advantages. In the market environment that adapts to fast fashion and individualized demand, digital printing has become the first choice for production enterprises led by small batch production. Digital printing technology equipment is rapidly developing into the helm of game rules in the fields of apparel fabrics, decorations, home textiles, carpets, etc. In 2018, the total output of digital printing in China is about 580 million square meters. At present, digital printing in China is mainly applied to cotton and polyester fabrics. The production of fashion can account for 50% of the total output of digital printing, and home textiles account for about 20%. Home textile is the key development area of digital printing in the next step.

APPPEXPO 2019 Overview

Shanghai International Digital Textile Printing Expo and APPPEXPO which were held on Mar 5-8, 2019, made a hit at NECC (Shanghai). With the exhibiting area of 230,000 sqm, the Expo attracted around 2,000 leading exhibitors and 210,000 professional visitors from all over the world. Among the professional visitors, there were over 40,000 professional visitors coming from overseas countries. The exhibition received rave reviews from the public. Everyone returned with full load.

Visitor Source

Equipment sales distributors, printing factories, fabrics, garment, home textiles, customized clothing, customized luggage, customized shoe and hat, thermal transfer processing products, independent designers, etc.

Prospect 2020

Being as the important components of APPPEXPO and Shanghai International Digital Printing Industry Expo, Shanghai International Digital Textile Printing Expo will be held again in July 2020 at NECC (Shanghai). The Expo will invite more leading digital textile printing brands and exhibitors from all over the world, such as international brands like EFI-REGGIANI, DURST, EPSON, MS, KONICA MINOLTA, Ricoh, MIMAKI, ROLAND, Kornit, DIMATIX, HP, DIGITEX, Colorjet, BROTHER, DGI, D.GEN and Chinese brands like Atexco, HOPETECH, JHF, Sky Air-Ship, TECKWIN, RuiZhi, RunTianZhi, LIYU,

Grando, Docan, Human, FORNI, TrendVision, Hongsam will assemble at the 3.1H international pavilions and 4.1H Digital Textile Printing pavilions. They will present the cutting-edge technology and solutions of the industry, in order to benefit more textile printing products and garment users and exceed the market needs of the global users.

As the first exhibition of the global textile printing industry, the Shanghai International Digital Textile Printing Expo will once again become the best platform for exhibitors to launch and sell products globally.

Theme series activities

  1. Theme Forum – Look forward to the market

Industry professionals will gather together to discuss the current situation and futher of digital textile printing from multiple angles and further promote the development of the industry.

  1. Internet Celebrity – Create clothing “hot style”

Pre-sale system, traffic Internet celebrity create “hot style” by online broadcast

  1. “Micro” Factories – Take a general look at the latest technology

From pattern design to garment making, the production process of digital textile printing from scratch is magnified in an assembly-line way

  1. Pattern Design competition – a new mode of school-enterprise cooperation

Looking for original and unique pattern design? Come and get inspired by those talented designers!

Cooperate with universities to hold digital printing pattern design competitions, show excellent finished products on site, invite professionals to make on-site awards. School-enterprise combination for you to recommend more high-end original design!

  1. Business matching – Accurate docking of exhibitors and visitors

Online matching before exhibition, live “one-on-one” negotiations, promote on-the-spot trade cooperation

Exhibit Scope


  1. Digital Textile Printing Equipment, Digital Textile Printing Software, Color Management System, Digital Textile Printer Nozzle, Digital Textile Printing Ink.
  2. Oval Digital Textile Printing One-appliance, CB Digital Textile Printer, Direct Digital Platesetter.
  3. Digital Printing Auxiliary Equipment, Sewing Equipment, Cutting Equipment, Transfer Paper And Other Related Equipment and Consumables.
  4. Post-processing Equipment Such As Steaming Machine, Dryer, Tenter.

Textile Fabrics

Textile Fabrics Products: Printed Fabric, Pure Color T-shirt, Grey Shirt, Flocking, Heat Transfer Printing Finished Products and Semi-finished Products.