Shangu Tex Ltd obtains Letter of Recognition from RSC

Desk Report: Bangladesh based one of the sustainable apparel exporter, Shangu Tex Ltd have received a Letter of Recognition (LOR) from the RMG Sustainability Council (RSC) for the initial inspections covering minimum life safety issues in the areas of Structural, Electrical, and Fire Safety.

Shangu Tex is one of the leading 100% export-oriented companies in the RMG sector in Bangladesh. The award has been received by Maheer Mannan, Deputy Managing Director, Shangu Tex Ltd on 4 August in Dhaka.

Shangu Tex Ltd is maintaining the remarkable standard for the Garments Manufacturing arena worldwide. The facility is ensuring a safe congenial working environment for all employees. The best sustainable manufacturing practices with a strong commitment to international brands as well as Local laws, buyers’ code of conduct and other applicable statutory requirements.

Shangu Tex Limited is a leading woven apparel manufacturing company founded in 2001, providing dedicated manufacturing solutions though operational excellence, embedded quality standards and product innovation to world-renowned brands for nearly 20 years.