Shima Seiki makes possible knitting solutions

shima-seikiShima Seiki, based in Japan, is a computerized knitting machine manufacturer. Shima Seiki makes possible knitting solutions on yarns previously deemed impossible to knit, or what was never even considered for knitting. The computerized knitting machine manufacturer has disrupted the conventional perception of knitting through its arsenal of patented knitting techniques combined with cutting edge hardware and software. Its latest technological contributions are aimed at promoting knitted applications in various fields ranging from fashion, sports, shoes and accessories to medical, automotive, aeronautical and other wearable and industrial textile applications. Shima Seiki has even developed a special device for unwinding spools of technical yarn to ease yarn feed for such difficult-to-handle material. Whole garment knitting maximises the benefits of shaped knitting even further by expanding that potential to three dimensions.

Whole garment knitting is capable of producing knitted items in their entirety on the machine and allows 3D forms and tubing to be produced without sewing. Elimination of sewing allows for faster turnarounds and high potential for on-demand knitting. In addition to machine technology the latest version of Shima Seiki’s SDS-ONE APEX series 3D design system is an equally important factor in modern day knit production. Flexible knit manufacturing begins with flexible design, and the APEX series is designed to offer a fully comprehensive set of tools and functions, as well as the capability for ultra-realistic simulation that realises virtual sampling.