“Shine with KFL Solartech in order to promote sustainable energy solutions and create a better green world together


Humayun Kabir Salim Managing Director of KFL Group speech on KFL Solartech Grand Launching Ceremony

We would like to thank you all for your kind presence at the event. Today is a special day for the KFL Group to celebrate the Grand Launching and Strategic Partnership Signing Ceremony between No 1 Solar Pv manufacturer; Longi, and our newest ventures KFL Solartech Limited and Khantex composite textiles Limited.

We all are aware and concerned about the whole world with developing sustainability and Energy Efficiencies programs. The environmental impact is raising day by day and initiatives are being taken to control the situation. We are delighted to inform you that our concern Khantex Fashions Limited is our flagship company of KFL Group which is a LEED certified Green Factory keeping in mind sustainability Programs in early steps. We are also one of the pioneers to use the industry rooftop solar power plant with net metering to the national grid. The relentless cost savings and environmental safety have been brilliant from which we have decided to set up around 5 MW in our different concerns phase-wise and immd we’ll install 2 MW in Khantex Composite.

In addition, we also know the energy crisis in the country, especially after the Russia-Ukraine war. The gas and electricity prices are increasing drastically and we as an industrialist have been facing tremendous higher costs to run the factories. With the up-gradation of solar technology, the reasonable price of PV modules and other materials is now more affordable and viable as alternative energy sources.

Therefore, we all need to think about renewable energy as the best alternative solution to minimize energy costs. Being an existing rooftop solar power user as we are experienced in this. We have set up KFL Solartech Limited focusing on industrial rooftop solar solutions to collaborate with Longi Solar as a strategic partnership that will provide us with all sorts of Techno-Commercial support. So, KFL Solartech is going to sign with Longi 50 MW Rooftop solar systems as EPC by 2025.

Our valuable stakeholders SMA, Huawel and Sungrow inverters being the Top Five in the global market have already presented their strengths and would be available as an option to the end user.

Initially, our aim is to provide a full solution of industrial rooftop solar systems including Operations and Maintenance and Financial arrangements. KFL Solartech’s vision is to be the country’s leading solar EPC company as a trusted partner by providing the utmost support to all of our valuable clients in order to create a smart digital Bangladesh in the green world.

I would like to mention some challenges most likely Taxation Policies, especially on Solar equipment which is very much necessary to reconsider our policymakers. Since I got the opportunity to speak in front of all the industry leaders and all the biggest industry associate presidents. I am requesting all of you to start a dialogue with the concerned policymakers to accelerate the promotion of sustainability goals in Bangladesh as part of the Paris COP 21 agreement in 2015.

We will have more awareness programs like seminars, training, dialogue Platforms and interaction for the industrial professionals collaborating with our partner Longi and inverter companies. Your time and valuable presence will make the sessions more interactive and meaningful. I would like to conclude my speech with our inspiring slogan; “Shine with KFL Solartech in order to promote sustainable energy solutions and create a better green world together. Thank you everyone for listening to me.