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Signing ceremony Logic ERP with Children Place Ltd.




Desk Report : A signing ceremony Logic ERP with Children Place Ltd On 17th August in the capital Managing Director, Logic Mr Mamoor and Children Place Ltd , Director, Mr Lutful Ahad signed the agreement of implementing Platform ERP, designed and developed by Logic Software Limited for the business process automation of Children Place Ltd.

Mr Mamoor ensures the best supports, services and all necessary assistance by the concerns of Logic Software Limited. Mr Ahad expressed cherish and clinch his best possible cooperation during implementation from all aspects. I have observed the software from 26 companies but I am happy to choose the best one with the best team for my business” -Mr Lutful Ahad – Director, Children Place Ltd.

Mr Ahad expressed his appreciation to Logic Software Limited for providing the possible best assistance and supports to initiate the first step towards business automation of Children Place Ltd. renowned ready-made garments manufacturer in Chittagong, the port city of and one of the financial centres of Bangladesh having a very strong historical and unique cultural background with more than 3M population.

Mr K.B. Mamoor- Managing Director, Logic Software Limited personally supervised and provided the necessary guidelines for this initiative stepped by Mr Lutful Ahad for his organization which have already crossed more than a decade having the traditional practice. While Children Place Ltd. have already placed a large setup with the latest machines so they intended to ensure the implication of technological tools in their business.