Signing ceremony Logic HMS Platform with JK Memorial Hospital

Desk Report: Inauguration of a New Dimension- Platform HMS (Integrated Hospital Management Systems)
Logic Software Limited had steps for the health sector by realizing the necessity to automate the related organizations. Automation of the Hospital Management Systems of Bangladesh Air Force in 2020 was the first initiative in the health sector.
On 23rd September, Logic Software Limited has approached the automation of the Hospital Management Systems in the private sector by signing the Agreement with JK Memorial Hospital of JK Group for the implementation of Platform HMS Integrated Hospital Management Systems).
Mr Md. Tysir Khan- Deputy Managing Director, JK Group of Industries and Mr K.B. Mamoor – Managing Director, Logic Software Limited signed the agreement on behalf of their organizations.
Mr Tysir Khan appreciated the efforts of Logic Software Limited for the health sector and such elaborated Hospital Management Systems which touched all necessary areas in detail for the management of a hospital through systems.
Comparing other existing software in the market he found very detailed and advanced features that ensure the proper automation rather than basic or partial automation by other available software from many vendors, added Tysir
Mr. K.B Mamoor shared his thought to make Platform HMS more advance in the upcoming time that the health sector would able to avail an international standard software from a domestic software company in a reasonable value with the proper implementation and post-implementation support.