Silver Line Group signed ERP platform with Logic Software Ltd

Desk Report: Silver Line Group founded by the M.A.H Salim, is the largest conglomerate in the textile and apparel sector in Bangladesh as been progressively growing in capacities for meeting the global requirements of textile and apparel at a considerable rate.

Silver Line Group has Spinning, Textile, and Garments under one roof of Silver Composite Textile Mills Ltd. having 19 years of Experience, Silver Line Group produces exclusive yarn and a premium range of fabrics and world-class garments with a global buyer base spread across 65 countries like the USA, Europe, China, Japan, and India.

By realizing the fundamental requirements to meet Industry 4.0, many industries in Bangladesh’s textile and RMG sectors have approached their business automation and decided to implement ERP. Not only for industrial automation but also for increasing production efficiency, proper utilization of human resources, and maximizing profit by reducing wastage of materials by proper monitoring and meeting the scheduled shipments, and getting notified about all the activities to do, industries are chronologically stepped to using efficient software which will provide the business intelligence and assist more growth by the proper blending of artificial intelligence, algorithms and human resource.

With the harmony of time, Mr.Samit Hassan- Director, Silver Line Group and one of the most influential young businessmen of Asia (Ref: Asia One Magazine 2020) stepped out for the business automation of Silver Line Group (Spinning, textile and garments division) by implementing ERP.

Logic Software Limited is the place where people and algorithms merge to manifest the full opportunities of today’s competitive digital ecosystem for business growth. We are proud to have contributed to the nation’s economy for the last 12 years. And we aspire to continue doing so by never wavering on our principles. This is only the beginning.

With dynamic and responsive to industry trends, Logic Software Limited provides a framework where innovation flourishes. Supporting the creation of standards plus the compliance tools for testing and interoperability. Out internationally recognized standards are available to all in supportive regulatory requirements and policies.

On Tuesday, 14th June 2022, At this wonderful moment, Logic Software Limited sets another landmark by receiving the work order from Silver Line Group to automate their business and operational, process through 𝙋𝙡𝙖𝙩𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙢 𝙀𝙍𝙋.

On this occasion Mr. M.A.H Salim – Managing Director, Silver Line Group, and Mr. K.B. Mamoor- Managing Director, Logic Software Limited. Agreed in all norms on behalf of their organization in the presence of Mr. Samit Hassan- Director, Mr. Helal Al Noori- CEO and Mr. Anwar Shimul Group Executive Director of Silver Line Group, and Mr. M.J.Abedin Bhuiyan Shumon- DGM, CR & Welfare and Mr. Sk Nasif W Shohan- Manager, Business Development, Logic Software Limited. Though Mr. K.B. Mamoor, Travelling to the USA due to a business tour, a virtual conference between both management was very effective and make both parties satisfactory to work together as a strategic partner for the future tenure.

“LOGIC” management ensures steady customer service and aspires to ensure performance improvements of our clients. With the Fourth Industrial Revolution looming on the horizon, Logic intends to partake in this great leap for mankind. Logic aspires to work with our partners and ensure our dedication to working equally in maximizing the output of our esteemed clients and partners.