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Only skilled and well equipped engineers can play the vital role in the industry Prof. Dr. Abu Yousuf Md. Abdullah PhD- Hon’ble Chairman Northern University Bangladesh Trust


01Prof. Dr. Abu Yousuf Md Abdullah PhD was born in Satkhira and studied at Jhenidah Cadet College. He completed his under graduation and MBA from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) under the University of Dhaka (DU). He obtained his INTERNATIOAL MBA from Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, Finland. He perused his International MBA also from the Graduate Business School of the University of Texas at Austin, Texas, U.S.A. After returning from the U.S.A, he joined IBA as a Lecturer and obtained his PhD from the University of Dhaka. He has been actively involved in teaching for more than 25 years at IBA. He is the chairman of Northern University Bangladesh Trust & Northern International Medical College Hospital (NIMCH) also the chairperson of Prasad Group of Companies. He has numerous articles/research works on RMG Industry in Bangladesh, SAARC, Productivity, Effectiveness of Marketing Communications etc. were published in different recognized university research journals such as AIUB Journal of Business & Economics (AJBE), Dhaka University Journal of Business Studies, Journal of Business Administration, IBA, Dhaka University Journal of Marketing etc. Recently Textile Focus editor M A Islam Riyadh met him along with Prof. Dr. Engr. Md. Humaun Kabir, Dean, Faculty of Science & Engineering, Northern University Bangladesh. Key point of the discussion has been mentioned below for our valued readers-

Textile Focus: How you did you start your journey of Northern University Bangladesh?

Prof. Dr. Abu Yousuf: It is with great pride and immense pleasure that I watched Northern University Bangladesh as it treads to attain the highest ranking status with its center of excellence in the field of higher education in Bangladesh. The 17 October 2002 marked the beginning of a trailblazing journey for this prestigious institution along with a group of highly qualified and illustrious educationists of the country. Since then, these educationists have been tirelessly working towards one goal- to provide higher education to the citizens of the nation that is at par with globally accepted standards in a dynamic academic landscape.

When I had taken on the role as Chairperson, Northern University Bangladesh Trust, I felt incredibly humbled and inspired to see that an institution can consistently produce a service/product that is not only deemed to be of premium quality in the higher education arena and cater to only some of our brightest minds, yet also keep higher education within the reach for students who come from modest economic backgrounds. To do so is not an easy task, as it requires a constant focus on the rapid changes that is resultant from the combined forces of tremendous technological advancement and free enterprise. Everything from radical innovations in communications, the explosion of the WORLD WIDE WEB, the opening of several new avenues for commerce such as Event management, Activation, Direct marketing, Business Process Outsourcing and many more, has completely changed the face of the global economy. This has resulted in us finally being classified as world citizens. Taking all these elements into account, I commend our highly qualified faculty members and staff members for effectively keeping in pace with these changes. Needless to say, without their efforts to keep up with the rest of the world, we as a nation would fall behind.

Textile Focus: What is your ultimate aim for the university?

Prof. Dr. Abu Yousuf: At Northern University Bangladesh, we aim to provide our student with an education that is absolutely relevant to today’s world and constantly update our curricula to incorporate them. We believe in providing higher education that will not only equip the student with all the necessary tools and skills to excel in their chosen fields which can also facilitate innovation leading towards socio-economic empowerment, which will subsequently build a brighter future for Bangladesh as a nation.

Textile Focus: How do you consider Textile Engineering Department of your University?

Prof. Dr. Abu Yousuf: Bangladesh has a very bright prospect for textile industry. This is the only sector which can drive the national economy. For this quality education is a must. We emphasis on quality education and we are giving high importance in textile engineering department. We have already shifted our textile engineering department to our permanent campus at Ashkona, Uttara, Dhaka. There we have set up a modern laboratory facility. Today’s textile industry is very competitive and we have to compete the world with quality and value added products. Only skilled and well equipped engineers can play the vital role in the industry. For this we are giving more importance in quality education. We have a good number of faculty members. At present we have nearly 7000 students, 5 faculties and 10 departments. Numbers of students are rapidly increasing and our graduates are playing a remarkable role in the RMG and textile industry.

Textile Focus: How do you see Bangladesh Textile and RMG Industry?

Prof. Dr. Abu Yousuf: I can see very bright prospect of Bangladesh Textile and RMG Industry. This is the only industry which has continuous growth after liberation. Almost 83% of our export is gaining from this industry. There is a rapid growth in every step of this industry. We are gradually expanding this industry. We have already set up a benchmark for Green Industry and we have 67 green factories which is a milestone. We have dedicated workforce and our skill level is upgrading. Industry owners are also investing money on skill development and training for our workers, Now a days they are importing world class textile machineries and technologies for their industries. There are so many local and international exhibitions on RMG and textiles are being taking place. Although this sector has huge potential in future, it also faces some problems. We have to address this problems as soon as possible that hinder its smooth growth in order to get the maximum benefit out of it.

Textile Focus: What will be your message for the future students of NUB?

Prof. Dr. Abu Yousuf: They should make proper use of this time at university to explore their talents, seize every moment and to enrich them through acquiring state of the art knowledge on their field of study. They have to keep close contact with our capable faculty members and seek knowledge from them. This is a crucial time of your life. You have to decide your plan to navigate your journey in life and who you wish to be. I would like to implore our younger generation to keep in mind that it is the time to build or to perish. It is imperative to remember that they have a duty towards their country and that they must incorporate social responsibilities into their future endeavors. This will not only benefit them as individuals by building character, but will benefit society as a whole.

Textile Focus: Thank you!