Skylark Soft Ltd joins ICT Week in Uzbekistan

A ten-person delegation from member companies of BACCO recently attended the ICT Week Uzbekistan, Soft Expo, and BPO Summit 2022 at the request of the government of Uzbekistan.
B M Shorif, CEO and Managing Director of Skylark Soft Limited, represented Bangladesh and Skylark Soft Limited among the attendees. There, he emphasized the chance for cooperation between the nations to advance economic development. The worldwide audience at the summit particularly valued and applauded Bangladeshi IT Farms’ effort. They think that the approach taken by Bangladeshi IT solution providers to introduce and develop automation is an example for many other nations.

B M Shorif was highly applauded by delegates from all around the world for taking up the challenges and working successfully to establish automation in different sectors.

Skylark Soft Limited is honored by the worldwide audience’s acknowledgment and inspired to continue representing Bangladesh on a larger scale in the international arena.