Slight growth of apparel sales in Japan’s department stores

japans-department-storesIn July ’21 over July ’20, apparel retail sales by Japanese department stores increased 0.80 per cent, shows data released by Japan Department Stores Association (JDSA). As per an Apparel Resources report, total revenues from apparel sales in the country’s department stores reached 95,832.73 million yen ($870.80 million) during July ’21. These constituted 23.80 per cent of the total revenues earned by the Japanese department stores in the month of July ’21. Women’s wear proved to be the biggest category as it earned 65.80 per cent of overall revenues and valued 63,083.49 million yen ($ 573.20 million). The revenues clocked by men’s clothing reached 19,581.45 million yen (US $ 177.93 million), dropping 1.70 per cent Y-o-Y. Kid’s wear witnessed a drop of 4.80 per cent on yearly basis to hit 6,034 million yen ($ 54.83 million) in revenues, while all other types of clothing noted marginal growth of 1.60 per cent in July ’21 and valued 7,136.78 million yen ($ 64.85 million).