Smart Textiles is moving forward with the advancement of Technology & Fashion


how-to-use-a-sewing-machinesToday’s textile world is moving forward and rapidly changing. Technology and fashion are merging together to create smart textiles without sacrificing style, comfort and practicality. Fashion is in a constant state of evolution. Technological advancements are only accelerating this concept.
Fabrics change colors in response to the wearer’s breathing patterns. Fabrics with nanotech treatments turn resistant to water, stains, and wrinkles. More people are wearing smart clothing in gyms. The materials that make up smart fabrics can range from high-grade polymers for maximum comfort to threads equipped with tiny sensors that respond to stimuli and perform a specific function. So yoga pants vibrate to guide the wearer through correct yoga poses. Running shorts connected to a smartphone can provide running-specific metrics such as cadence, pelvic rotation, and stride length.

Athletes wear kits with built-in micro massagers that facilitate faster muscle recovery. These products, along with posture-correcting shirts and tracker-enabled sports bras, are geared towards enhancing fitness routines, preventing injury, and helping with physical rehabilitation.

Denim jackets can provide directions, change the songs on the smartphone, and even make dinner reservations. Another is an energy-harvesting fabric where the fibers are created with solar cells that can collect and store energy from the wearer’s movement. It then generates electricity, which can essentially turn trousers into a portable outlet.

Everywhere sustainability is getting priority both from the buyer and factory. Now all are thinking out of the box and how to make the industry sustainable. For this there are a lot of changes in technology, manufacturing process, total supply chain. Automation and uses of software is also making the industry smart.