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Smartness Added New Dimension to Asian Garments Industry


Asia is the world’s leading participant in the manufacture of clothes. Seven of the top 10 countries in the manufacture of garments are in Asia. Quick fashion retailers rely on Asia to manufacture their apparel items. This manufacturing center is undergoing an unprecedented shift as global customers switch from cheap knitwear apparel to value-added sportswear and luxury items based on manmade synthetic fibre.

Also, consumers now value garments with speed, precision, traceability and adaptability over bulk. Moreover, due to fast fashion, fashion seasons have shortened and garment brands are turning to manufacturers who have shorter production times and more sustainable processes. As a result, garment manufacturers in Asia are transforming themselves with technology.

Some clothing brands move their intelligent plants from Western countries to Asia in order to increase production. Adidas, for example, moved its speed plant to Asia to make the manufacturing process more efficient. When As Asian countries develop their development capabilities, the manufacturing of garments in Asia is expected to become more intelligent. Companies invest to reduce lead time in new technologies. We now use automated cutting machines and self-driving carts to track thousands of meters of fabric a day. We use high-speed fabric inspection machines with facial recognition technology.