SOLARIC Invested and Completed Installation of 421 KWp Rooftop Solar Power Plant at the Coats BD under a PPA Agreement

SOLARIC, the largest rooftop solar company in the country and a  leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, has announced the completion of a new rooftop solar power plant with a capacity of 421 KWp at the COATS BD factory. The new installation is expected to bring clean energy to the total energy mix consumed by the factory. It adds a new dimension to the manufacturing process by reducing carbon emissions, lowering the cost of electricity, and increasing energy security. It further reduces companies dependency on the availability of energy sources such as natural gas which is depleting fast in the country.

The newly installed rooftop solar power plant is capable of generating 421 KWp of power and 538,000 KWh of green energy per year and is expected to offset 369 metric tons of carbon emissions each year. Major equipment used in this solar plant were: 648 pcs of PV modules of 650Wp capacity each from Trina Solar, 4 pcs of 100KW grid-tied inverters from Sungrow, special flash mount technology from SOLARIC as mounting structure and other accessories such as remote monitoring system.

“We’re thrilled to announce the completion of this new rooftop solar power plant,” at the COATS BD factory premise by offering Technology, Investment and 20 years O&M support. As the off-taker, COATS BD shall consume all the energy generated from the system under a 20 year PPA signed between the 2 companies.  We believe that it is as a first step towards its commitment to produce at least 30% energy from renewable energy sources in the future. “This project is a significant step towards achieving our goal of providing sustainable energy solutions that benefit the environment and the manufacturing community while reducing the cost of electricity. We’re excited to see the positive impact this new installation will have in reducing carbon emissions and supporting a cleaner future.”

In addition to the environmental benefits of the new solar power plant, the project also has direct economic benefits for the factory. The installation created new jobs during construction and will continue to provide employment opportunities through ongoing maintenance and support.

SOLARIC is committed to supporting a sustainable future, and this new rooftop solar power plant is just one example of their commitment to this goal. The company continues to explore new ways to reduce carbon emissions and provide sustainable energy solutions to manufacturing communities in Bangladesh. Solaric has already completed the installation of the world’s largest rooftop solar plant on a single site ( capacity 34MWp ) at the KEPZ in Chattorgam. This mega plant is generating enough green energy to support the entire Export Processing Zone with the support of a net-metering policy from the Government.