Sonnet Textile makes FIFA World Cup T-shirts. 

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Bangladesh is not playing in the Fifa World Cup to be held in Qatar this year, but football fans in the gallery will be wearing Fifa official T-shirts with the green and red “Made in Bangladesh” label

For the upcoming Football World Cup to be held in Qatar, Chittagong-based Sonnet Textile Industries Ltd. has produced about six lakh pieces of FIFA T-shirts with the green and red ‘Made in Bangladesh’ label, to be worn by the football fans in the gallery at the most outstanding football show on earth.

Sonnet Textile Industries Ltd., which, reportedly, made two lakh pieces of official jackets with FIFA logo for the 2018 Russia World Cup, while also receiving work order for three lakh T-shirts for the 2020 Euro Cup, has made the T-shirts this time around on behalf of the FIFA -licensed Russian sports chain shop Sportmaster.

Reports further added T-shirts, jackets, activewear, and sportswear made by the company go to Russia even if it exports sleepwear and undergarments to the United States, rompers and T-shirts, and other children’s items to Italy while also shipping various garments for men, women, and children to Japan as well.

Gazi Shahidullah, director of the company, said the Russian chain shop Sportmaster is Sonnet’s main client as it buys 65% of its products.

“Sportmaster got the Fifa license during the 2018 Fifa World Cup in Russia. Besides, our products are now sold in chain shops in different countries. The Russia-Ukraine war has slightly slowed down the export,” he added.