SQ Group signed PPA with JPL to install Solar panel Plant

Desk Report: One of the largest apparel manufacturer and exporter SQ Group signed a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) with Joules Power Limited (JPL) to install a 2.3 MWp on-site solar panel plant at their apparel manufacturing facilities. The first phase of the project will be completed by June 2023, generating around 30% of Knitwear (SQ Celsius) cluster’s total electricity consumption. The second phase of the project, to be installed at their upcoming facilities will be completed by 2025, adding an additional 6.7 MWp capacity.

Mr. Warisul Abid, Chief People Officer, SQ Group, and Mr. Nuher L. Khan, Managing Director, Joules Power Ltd, signed the Power Purchasing Agreement on behalf of their respective companies.

Switching to renewable energy sources is an important milestone for SQ Group. This builds on their long-term commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving energy-efficiency. SQ Group is currently finalizing its short- medium- and long-term goals for decarbonization and SQ believe that investments in renewable energy sources is key for their vision of a net zero emissions future.