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Sri Lanka sees growth in textile and garment export


apparelSri Lanka’s textile and garment export sales climbed 28.7% year on year to $ 1,699 million in the first four months of 2021, according to figures provided by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Textile exports grew by 41.2 percent to $ 98.9 million, while apparel exports grew by 27.3 percent to $ 1,556 million.

Exports of other textile goods grew 59 percent to $44.5 million in April 2021, according to the report “External Sector Performance-April 2021.” Over the four months, textile and garment exports accounted for 57.62 percent of all industrial exports from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s textile and textile imports grew by 22.1 percent to $ 938.6 million from January to April 2021, while apparel and accessories imports fell by 12.2 percent to $ 74.9 million. Sri Lanka’s textile and apparel export sales grew by 461.2 percent to $ 366 million in April 2021, compared to $ 65.2 million in April 2020. Textile and textile product spending increased by 55.5 percent year over year. Clothing and accessory imports grew by 57.8% to $ 19.2 million, bringing the total to $ 228.4 million.