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Sri Lanka worry about textile raw material sourcing


sri-lanka-textileAccording to the Sri Lanka Apparel Exporters Association, $250 million of $500 million received for local apparel exports are lost as the country imports all the necessary material like thread, dyes and cloth. Keeping in mind the economic crisis faced by the nation, the Sri Lankan government has declared the apparel industry as an essential service and allowed factories to remain open during the quarantine curfew.

The Joint Apparel Association Forum issuing a press release stated that all measures are been taken to ensure a safe and secure workplace for their employees. However, Anton Marx of the Free Trade Zones and Public Service Union, alleged that the spread of COVID-19 among the garment factory workers is high. Marx further stated no government has yet attempted to create safe boarding places for apparel sector workers and that the daily wage of a garment factory worker is often less than Rs. 1,000.