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Sri Lankan apparel sector is showing signs of recovery from the impacts of the pandemic


According to Rehan Lakhani, Chairman of the Sri Lankan Apparel Exporters Association (SLAEA), while the Sri Lankan apparel sector shows signs of recovery from the impacts of the pandemic, with the lockdowns being carefully lifted worldwide, no confirmed orders have yet been passed that would allow factories to operate at full capacity, beginning in August.

This would result in a majority of the manufacturers operating their factories at a loss, even though they would function at reduced capacity. But their fixed costs will remain the same, putting them in a vulnerable position, according to Lakhani. Factories embrace this reality and are trying to survive the period of crisis and are looking to return to normalcy. While it is not possible to secure orders for Sri Lanka through a collective effort from the industry, Lakhani said individual businesses are doing what it takes to pull as many orders as possible.