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Statistics Canada estimates that imports of knitted fabrics dropped by 14.70% in 2020


hand-knitsStatistics Canada estimates that imports of knitted fabrics dropped by 14,70% in 2020 to 127,27 million dollars of knitted garments during the period January-September 2020. China was the biggest shipper to exports to Canada for $41.44 million in knitted fabrics while exporting Y-o-Y decreased 11.5%. The share of Chinese imports in Canada rose to 32,87% in 2020, down from 30,40% in 2019, amid its collapse.

The USA, with $24.62 million in shipping, was the second-largest exporting country, down 21.50 percent annually. Exports from South Korea’s third-largest provider decreased by 29.60%. On the other hand, Portugal, Italy, Turkey and Thailand were some countries which increased knitted exports to Canada by 16%, 22.80%, 25.80% and 15.30% respectively during the period January-September ’20.