“Still, Business is challenging but seeing opportunities”

The whole world has been suffering a lot from the Russia-Ukraine war. Every sector of the industry has been affected. The textile industry is the leading remittance-earning source for Bangladesh. This industry has been affected greatly due to the Russia-Ukraine war and a shortage of orders. Fortunately, Bangladesh is receiving good orders now,But the chal;lenging is energy crisis. Team Textile Focus talked with chemical provider Apna Organics to know about their business in 2022 and furcating for 2023.

Apna Organics has always been at quality-oriented products at affordable pricing

Shivam Saraf, Director, Apna Organics Pvt Ltd.

The pandemic has affected everyone; Buyers, Garment manufacturers, and chemical manufacturers like us. In the year 2022, when the situation some good our clothing orders increase through global buyers. As a sustainable chemical provider Still, the business is good but facing some challenges in terms of the supply chain, price, etc.

We have seen Bangladesh adapt to this ever-changing scenario the best in these difficult conditions and with them, we are also learning and adapting at the same time. I hope that the Bangladesh market is rapidly growing so seeing many opportunities.

Now Apna Organics has always been quality-oriented products at affordable pricing. We have been focusing on sustainability in the larger picture. Apna Organics is catering to woven, knit dyeing, yarn dyeing, denim, printing, garments, and home textiles – although this segment is small it has a huge prospect in the future. Besides we will set up our own testing lab in the Bangladesh office.