Still business is challenging but we hope for positivity for 2023


Mahbub Khan Himel, Director, Mithela Group of Industries Ltd

The whole world has been suffering a lot from the Russia-Ukraine war. Every sector of the industry has been affected. The textile industry is the leading remittance-earning source for Bangladesh. This industry has been affected greatly due to the Russia-Ukraine war and a shortage of orders. Fortunately, Bangladesh is receiving good orders now, But the challenging is energy crisis.

Photo: Mithela Textile Family welcomes the new year and hop that New year will bring new opportunities for the Textile Sector growth.

The war has affected everyone; Buyers, Garment manufacturers, and Textile manufacturers like us. In the year 2022, when the situation some good our clothing orders increase through global buyers. As a sustainable textile fabrics provider Still, the business is good but facing some challenges in terms of the supply chain, price, etc.

When textile mills around the country are struggling to keep their production going due to the ongoing gas crisis, Mithela Textile Mills Limited of Narayanganj has somehow found a way around it thanks to a stroke of foresight of its owner.

In 2018, the mill installed a boiler that runs on paddy husk, a byproduct of rice mills. Now that boiler has saved the day for the mill.

Aside from churning out 45 lakh yards of fabric per month, the factory is also able to help two of the country’s leading textile mills whose production has also been hit by the gas shortage. Mithela Textile Mills Ltd also produces and dyes about 15 lakh yards of fabric per month for those two mills.

Mithela Textile, as you know, is the one the   Textile facility in Bangladesh that produce high quality woven textile fabrics and LEED platinum factory in the world. which helped improve their environmental or sustainable footprint. Mithela Textile proud and maintains its ambition to be a positive force in the textiles and apparel world through its involvement in the Textile business.

We head into 2023 with a great deal of positivity. We are expecting the industry to continue in its growth. We have an expansion in the pipeline which would help us to serve a greater, broader, and more diverse market (in terms of both product and brands) and specially on Denim Fabrics. We have quite a few developments in the organization and in our overall strategic approach which means that you may see or hear a lot more from us. Our product portfolio will look to  more focus on woven and unique fabrics.