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“Still RMG business is in risk but seeing opportunity….” – Abdullah Al Maher, CEO & Head of Business, Fakir Fashion Ltd


whatsapp-image-2021-02-04-at-4-32-41-pmDue to coronavirus overall industry facing lots of challenges. Still post-pandemic situation overall export decreasing specially woven but knitwear segment order increasing. Abdullah Al Maher, CEO & Head of business, Fakir Fashion Ltd, one of the largest garments exporter in Bangladesh shared his opinion about the RMG sector with Textile Focus Team.

Textile Focus: Observation about Covid 19 pandemic Situation

Abdullah Al Maher: COVID had taken a toll on our RMG industry like the rest in the world and other sectors. Many companies suffered, people lost the job and business dimensions are changed. Overall RMG EXPORT is negatively impacted.

Textile Focus: Expectation about the RMG sector for the year 2021

Abdullah Al Maher: In this year of 2021 still business is in risk in an unpredictable – volatile market. Retail and shops are badly hit. The Woven & outerwear business is the worst hit while knit companies are doing good due to extra demand. Due to lengthy homestay, home office, etc. The demand for knit had grown. But have to watch more. Also due to Bangladesh on China export, recent Myanmar issues Bangladesh is going to have an extra business.