Stripe Denim Make line in indigo

Israfil Alam Rana

Denim! What you don’t think without it if you are a crazy fashion lover? Denim doing its best to meet your fashion demand whatever style you think. Indigo stripe denim makes crazier look specially for women. Today I will discuss with indigo stripe denim development process for both slasher and rope dyeing. Lets go . . .


Indigo stripe denim already developed in Bangladesh. At first development came from slasher technology and then rope technology. For both process development is same just one is continuous and another is discontinuous process.

Dyeing method:

Indigo shade is better for stripe denim. For slasher dye you have to make one or more grey beam in bypass without dyeing though its continuous process. Yarn tension is important for this process and also good sizing. According to fabric design you have to make plan how much yarn you want to dye and how much you want to keep undyed. For rope dye its little different process. Though it’s discontinuous process so no need to separate yarn during dyeing. You have to make plan from LCB how much you want to keep undyed.



A good sizing its demand for indigo stripe making though leasing is more important. Leasing of dyed yarn with undyed yarn keeps good parallel arrangement of yarn in size beam which brings good weaving efficiency. Leasing beam is easy to drawing according to design and brings less crossing.


Weaving acts like a magician of this development. For conventional stripe denim development weaving performs its best to reach perfect outcome. In weaving you have to drawing yarn to the reed and heald frame according to weave design you want to produce. It’s easy but need special attention of weavers. You can change the plan and design in weaving but extra yarn can face cross in size beam. There are few design given for better understanding. It’s also important that do not go broken drawing plan. Just maintain 1,2,3,4 or 1,2,3 or 1,2 etc.


Fabric structure:

You can weave with stretch or rigid as you want. But stretch options are more fashionable for jeans. If you want rigid development then it’s important of fabric end use. Recently denim shirts developed from 30/s or 40/s count which are good. You can use coarser count to make jackets or shorts. Using cotton is more comfortable in this style.


From junior to Senior there are lot of variations of this indigo stripe use. Though you can print like indigo stripe but original weave structure give you more contrast look in fashion. Basically ladies skinny, Men’s shirts, Jackets, Shorts, Kids overall are main attractions for stripe denim.