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Styling Rules for Parties: Tips to Get You on Your Best Looks


Imagine you are at home and staring at your closet. You find the perfect white shirt or a sharp blazer that you can count on for any party. Do you resonate with this situation? Then congratulations. You have just solved the problem of creating a party staple in your wardrobe.

Well, the problem of “not having anything to wear” for parties has become a recurring issue today. Building your closet on a streamlined item selection will help you defeat this trouble. So, how can you pick the right party wear clothes for women? Here are some best practiced tips and tricks that will help you achieve a classic and unique style at parties.

If the Dress code Is Cocktail 

Consider the little black dress (LBD) for engagement parties, weddings, and fund-raisers. Use luxurious fabrics like chiffon, velvet, or lace to highlight the black. Maintain the hemline to two inches above your knees. Do you want to test the hemline? Then stand with hands by your side. Your dress must not rise above your fingertips. Other shades like icy pastels and jewel tones also make excellent choices. They look quite splendid in simple silhouettes.

Do you wish to go for dressy separates? Great choice as well. Check out some brocade cigarette pants that are topped with beaded shells. Now that you are geared with the best partywear do not forget the footwear. They are quite indispensable as well. Just remember that thinner the heel, more graceful will your shoes be on the dance floor.

If The Dress Code Is Festive

The season of festivities is all about having a good time. So, how do you show you are ready? Go with bold jewellery, bold colours, and sparkly details. Go out with a vibrant dress like a jacquard skirt paired with a silky blouse. Add sophisticated bling with red pumps, bib necklace, and a glittery clutch.

Dressing For the Pool Party

There is no one way or the right way to approach this look. it is always a good idea to match your attire with the party theme irrespective of whether the party is by the pool or you want to remain dry. Floral one-piece, shades, and fedora make the perfect pool party wear clothes for women. Pair these up with flats or platform heels. You can even consider cold-shoulder top with shorts and bohemian style maxi.

Now, no pool party is complete without music and drinks. The party mood may simply inspire you to take a dive even if you vowed not to! So, you need a functional attire in this scenario. Choose a swimsuit that is both comfortable and stylish.

You can top it up with a strapless playsuit, shorts or a coverup dress. These are easy to take off just before you decide to jump in. Now, you might also want to be a little careful and choose clothes that dry off quickly. You might even want to carry an extra pair. It is a pool party, after all! You never know when might just get pushed!

Dressing For a Garden Party or an Outdoor Wedding

Slip on a flowery sundress, a comfortable maxi or a pretty shift and jazz it up with bright jewellery. The key thing to remember here is balancing functionality and fashion. For instance, if you happen to be celebrating in a tropical locale, you can wear exotic prints and adorn some flowers as well.

Now, outdoor celebrations often involve sand and grass. Be it a beach wedding, an alfresco luncheon, or a rustic rehearsal dinner; your heels have the highest probability of sinking into the ground. So, ditch them and opt for beaded sandals, embellished ballet flats or gold wedges that are equally stylish. Don’t always pick black. Consider white, blue, coral, yellow, or any shade that blends in with the natural surroundings.

Dressing For the Casual Chic 

Do you have a weekend staple in your wardrobe? Why not pair it up with something glamorous? Like a bow blouse with jeans and ornate flats or heeled booties. Partywear clothes for women come in sophisticated patterns and shades like cobalt, emerald, and oxblood. These will certainly add an upgrade to your style statement. Polish your look further with a blazer and a pair of flashy earrings. Daytime functions can use a floral shift or a bright cardigan to pair with tailored pants. Pants with bold prints and trendy jumpsuit make for an adventurous attire during a dinner party or a girls’ night out.

A Company Party or a Business Dinner

Dressing up for a work function must always reflect the office culture. Irrespective of how relaxed your office environment may be, never overdress. Trousers with a refined sweater or a blazer and a blouse work well for business dinners. As for company picnics, you can choose short-sleeved tops, knee-length shorts or a sundress with sandals.

If dressing for an average day isn’t enough, dressing up for parties can be confusing and exhausting. These tips can help to lessen this confusion and improve your chances of being the best-dressed person in the entire party!