Sustainability is highlighted in Indonesia’s Textile Industry

TF International Desk

indonesia_s-textile-industrySustainability is a major concern of present textile world. Every country is emphasizing on sustainability. Indonesia is encouraging its textile industry to be environment-friendly, since it’s necessary for business sustainability. The United States and Europe have strict standards. Products containing hazardous chemicals are rejected. Environment-friendly industries fall into several categories. First, the industry does not pollute the environment of water, air, and soil. Second, the raw material can be recycled, re-used and is re-degradable. Third, the products used in production of finished products must be environmentally friendly. In addition, efficiency and effectiveness factor in energy use are also important factors.

The textile sector in Indonesia is expected to grow seven per cent this year. The country is trying to get the United States to reduce import duties on goods exported from Indonesia. In addition, rules for imports of textile and textile products have been tightened. And results are visible. Imports of fabrics as a raw material for garments fell by 33 per cent in the first quarter of 2017. The aim of discouraging fabric imports is to increase the utilization of national fabric production.