Sustainability Storybox to be introduced by Lenzing

lenzingSustainability Storybox will be introduced by Lenzing, a compendium of contemporary best practices for casual wear wardrobes at Kingpins Amsterdam April 10-11, 2019. This includes key elements of the recently-launched Planet REhab capsule collection, produced so that every step of the supply chain is designed to reduce the environmental impact.

Initially exhibited at Munich Fabric Start, Planet REhab is made possible by partnerships with global textile and apparel companies committed to reducing their impact on the environment. Juan Carlos Gordillo designed and developed the collection around Tencel™ and Tencel™ X Refibra™ branded lyocell fabrics from Tejidos Royo. The fabrics were dyed using Recycrom® technology from Officina+39, and the resultant garments were finished by Tonello using modern earth-friendly finishing techniques. The collection was displayed at Kingpins Amsterdam, April 10 -11, 2019.