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Sustainable Denim Production draws good sight by Tilmann Wrobel


Tilmann Wrobel, Creative Director, Monsieur, claims that sustainable denim production is in a better position than it was before the Great Recession, as demand and knowledge are higher for quality goods from both business and customers, and the supply chain has more sustainable solutions to implement. Many brands and retailers tend to denim without this property either for sustainable fabric at a lower price or at least at an equivalent cost. So now is not the time for mills to withdraw into old habits and undo the progress they have made.

And as Wröbel point out, denim mills now need to find new ways to incorporate protective performance qualities to their fabrics. The need to adapt to the next big thing should be the focus.

As the pandemic is teeing up a correction in how consumers buy and how brands manufacture, it is more important to invest in sustainable practices and take care of the workers and the environments where denim jeans are being produced.

Wröbel believes the pandemic will provide designers with an opportunity to flex their muscles, both creative and strategic. Monsieur-T focuses on ideas on what could be done with the inventory in warehouses around the world that may not be used before the next season.