Sustainable growth strategy is key to the future of Inditex

TF News Desk


In 2016, Inditex raised 1.4 billion euros in funding and will exceed 7 billion in the next five years. A large portion of that has been spent on technological advances such as the RFID system. It’s estimated that in 2018 the technology will reach the remainder of the group’s brands.

Inditex’s president Pablo Isla feels a sustainable growth strategy is key to the future of the group, which is “totally” focused around a circular economy centered on people, social aspects, the environment and the product’s quality.

Speaking at a recent shareholders meeting Isla analysed the company’s evolution and data from the 2016 period and cited “sustainable growth” as “something absolutely essential. He also referred to growth that is solid and integrated as key to the future of Inditex, which he defined as a company “centered on people, based on creative talent and with an integrated model of physical and online stores.”

The board approved the 2016 results, which allowed for dividends of €0.68 per share, representing a 13.3 per cent increase from the previous year and an 89 per cent growth over the past five years, which suggests an attractive and certain remuneration policy for shareholders. Isla also indicated the group’s goal to implement its short and long-term strategy across the world, as a phenomenon such as Brexit won’t affect the shares and investment plans in the UK.