Sustainable jeans launched by Primark

sustainable-jeans-launched-by-primarkPrimark the high street fashion retailer has launched a range of women’s skinny jeans made using cotton sourced from the company’s Sustainable Cotton Program. The new collection is made of three denim washes and from cotton produced using natural farming methods, which have minimised the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers, reduced water consumption, alongside delivering increased incomes to cotton farmers.

Primark is looking to use only sustainably sourced cotton in its products, to help reduce the impact of cotton production on the environment, to equip farmers with the skills they need to improve their livelihoods and to offer customers sustainable products at a great price.

In 2018, following a successful inaugural year of retailing apparel incorporating cotton from the program, Primark expanded the initiative into Pakistan–with over 28,000 farmers now said to be involved in the project. This latest product launch, heralded as an important step by the retailer, marks the first time since the Primark Sustainable Cotton Program was introduced to Indian farmers in 2013 that jeans have been produced using 100 per cent cotton sourced through the initiative.