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Sweater factories need to focus on digital management cycle system for increasing efficiency & productivity


Abrar H Sayem

Director, Sayem Group


139799586_888298765251841_3044694522836535669_nPresent scenario of Sweater Industry: There has been a drop in order in sweaters and the business has been strongly hit as the covid started intensifying just when peak season was about to start. Lot of orders got cancelled and production got halt. Still the orders are in uncertainty and no concrete projections are being possible to make.

How would more develop in the sweater segment: The sweater industry in last 5 years saw a lot of change regarding compliance and transformation to auto jacquard knitting. It was now time to get the returns but the wave is in the other direction. The industry is efficient now in terms of production and design variation but to survive and develop, need critical cost management now.

Main strength of Sayem Group sweater factory : The workforce, who has been working like a family and making it possible for us to sustain. Most of our Sayem Group members are with us since our inception in 1999. For that we have the intangible asset as our strength which is the goodwill of delivering on time and keeping commitments.

Future plan of Sayem Group: To digitalise its order management cycle and factory monitoring so that we can make more data driven decisions rather than intuitive decisions which will result in better productivity and competitiveness. Increasing efficiency and productivity is our core objective now.