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Sweater a promising Sub section of RMG sector


Sweater production and export is the promising subsection of Bangladesh RMG sector. As per with the technological up-gradation of this sector, it contributes to the western business market expanding with fulfilling winter season demand.

Omar Faruque Chowdhury, Managing Director of Hydroxide Knitwear said “Sweater manufacturers upgrade their machineries from manual to automatic, for this productivity of workers and overall factory production increases.” Due to global climate change, winter & summer become two major seasons. Winter becomes a season of fashion & styles. In this regard, the sweater becomes trendy with fashionable.

sweaterAccording to BGMEA, In December, woven garment export posted the worst performance since June 2020, as it declined by 18.07%. Knitwear export managed to have a relatively stable position with -0.45% growth in December, thanks to the demand for apparel for home use.

Mamun Abdullah, Business Unit manager, M&S said, 2021 sweater business will be started with slow pace for this pandemic reason but after vaccination take place in Most of the countries in EU & USA then things will move faster, hopefully at the end of the year 2021 we will see a positive growth.

Most of the factories doesn’t have their own R&D team. They completely depend on customers t-pack and design team, and we are not offering diversified product ranges which need to be improved rather depending on basic products, we have very limited options for fancy yarn in local, we are not very efficient in our product presentation, and only few factories can manage short lead time orders. 

Finally remove the all barrier need a stable and long-term policy to ensure the business-friendly atmosphere in the country.