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Swimwear import increase around 34% by US


swime-wearAccording to the most recent official customs statistics from the United States, the country imported $1.09 billion in swimsuit items in 2021, up 33.28 percent year over year. As the flu outbreak in the United States declines and customers take a much-needed vacation, swimwear has gotten a lot of attention.

The US also saw a 1.87 percent increase in swimsuit imports this year, with China leading the way with a $ 338.56 million export turnover in the US market, up 33% year on year. China, on the other hand, lost a significant portion of the market in 2019, when it sold US $ 461.28 million worth of swimwear to the United States.

On the one hand, China sank dramatically, while Vietnam appeared to have snatched China’s share… In 2021, the South East Asian country exported $300.86 million worth of swimwear to the United States, compared to merely $227.77 million in 2019.

Bangladesh’s strong result in the swimwear category also impressed the export community. In 2021, the nation exported swimwear worth $40.86 million to the United States, up 48.61 percent year on year and 146 percent over 2019.