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The team group celebrated Women’s Day in a different way



The team group has been working for the welfare of women from the very beginning. In celebration of International Women’s Day-2021, the team group has organized an informal event titled ‘Maternity Care and Respect – Contribution to a Good Work Environment’. This time a different event has been organized on the occasion of Women’s Day to show respect to pregnant and even new mothers. The special initiative to increase the work ethic and to show due respect to women was a special surprise.

Abdullah Hill Rakib, Managing Director of Team Group, Abdullah Hill Naqib, Deputy Managing Director, Nazma Akhter, President of Sammilita Sramik Federation, Khaleda Akhter Jahan, Upazila Women’s Affairs Officer, Senior Medical Officer Dr. Shahnaz Parveen (BEPZA), Zakia Nasrin Shikha, Manager, Palli Sanchay Bank were present at the event.

Abdullah Hill Rakib, Managing Director of Team Group, said, “Women are mothers, women are craftsmen. The contribution that women are making to the society and the country is undoubtedly worthy of respect. In all cases, the contribution of women is the most. We should stand by women in any work. If women are recognized for their work, the nation will go a long way. Women are our driving force. Only women can build a beautiful world The workers in our team group are all members of the same family. That’s how we evaluate everyone here. “We are a family of 15,800 people,” said Abdullah Hill Naqib, deputy managing director of Team Group. We are working hand in hand to dream of a beautiful future. Separate facilities are being set up to provide healthcare to women working in team groups. Besides, the team group has taken initiative to create an educational institution for imparting primary education to the children of working women. In this year’s Women’s Day, a total of 300 maternity women from six garment factories of the team group were given this honor.