Team Group organized a day long workshop on Breast Feeding and Nutrition partnering UNICEF and BRAC


Breastfeeding is a human right for mothers and children and should be protected and promoted. TEAM Group, as part of its continuous strides toward ensuring a conducive workplace for its workers has organized a half-day-long capacity development training on Breastfeeding.

It is important to make the workplace safe and welcoming for women workers and mothers and to ensure healthy nutrition for the children who are the future of the country. TEAMGroup partnering the UNICEF’s “Mothers at Work Program” organized the training where 25 trainees from all the strategic business units of TEAM Group learned about the 7 minimum standards of breastfeeding, breastfeeding corner, nutrition of babies and mothers, etc.

TEAM Group is committed to building a workplace where women can earn a living and ensure the wellbeing of their children.