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Technical Seminar on “New Developments on Pigment Printing” By Pidilite Industries Ltd. in association with TeXcotech


Md. Mostafa Kamal

Pidilite is the market leader from India manufacturing Textile pigment printing products in it’s modern plants. Pidilite have been selling these high-tech products throw wide spread sales network allover India and are exporting to various countries all over the world. Recently Pidilite organized a technical seminar on “New Developments on Pigment Printing” association with its local agent TeXcotech. Textile professionals from different industries participated at the seminar. Top management from Pidilite and TeXcotech including Rajesh Balakrishnan-CEO Industrial Products, Pidilite Industries Ltd.; Vishwas Kokane- Chief Sales and marketing (textile chemicals), Pidilite Industries Ltd.; Shailesh Vora –International Sales Manager Industrial Chemicals at Pidilite Industries Ltd.; Md. Anwarul Haque, Managing Partner, TeXcotech; Mohammad Rafiqul Islam, Director, TeXcotech; Khondoker Shahid Imam, Director, TeXcotech; Maroof Sanni Chowdhury, Business Manager, Pidilite Specialty Chemical (BD) Pvt. Ltd.; Md. Naimul Hasan Raju, Area Sales Manager, Textile Division, Pidilite Specialty Chemical (BD) Pvt. Ltd. were present at the seminar.

Mr. Rafiqul Islam -Chemical Lab Manager SGS Bangaldesh had a presentation on – ‘Root cause analysis in chemical compliance’ Sustainability and brands response- to be announced. Mr. Vishwas Kokane, Chief Sales and marketing (textile chemicals), Pidilite Industries Ltd. had a presentation on ‘Certification and Brand preparedness’. Mr. Shailesh Vora –International Sales Manager Industrial Chemicals, Pidilite Industries Ltd. described Pidilite’s Innovations in Printing products.

Mr. Shailesh Vora mentioned that Pidilite is one of the few manufacturers which offers all the components of Pigmnet printing system and hence have very strong control over R&D and quality parameters of all products, which meet European Eco-friendly standards for quality, safety and are fast gaining acceptance in the International market.“Experienced team of technologists backed by well-equipped laboratories provide valuable inputs to our state-of-art manufacturing plants which are dedicated to manufacture quality products to satisfy the customers”, Mr. Shailesh added. Some of the product innovations and special feature are mentioned bellow-

TEXCRON- System for Pigments:

Texcron pigment dispersions from an important part of the Pidilite products range. Texcron printing systems are well known for:

  • Brilliant colour values
  • Excellent fastness ratings
  • Soft handle
  • Suitable for all printing machines
  • Meet international ecological requirements

TEXCORN Pigment Dispersions:

Pidilite has complete backward integration to manufacture pigment powders and emulsifiers required for manufacturing pigment dispersions. Pidilite plants have latest technology of dispersion and most modern testing equipments which have established “Texcron” as a leading brand in pigment dispersions. Texcron Pigment Dispersion specialize in the following:

  • Excellent dispersion stability
  • Desired particle size distribution
  • High fastness to light, rubbing, washing and dry cleaning
  • Optimum particle size
  • Eco-friendly requirements
  • High thermal stability

PIDICRYL Binder:Pidicryl Binders are a wide range of products specially designed to meet requirements of perfoemance, fashion & ecology. Pidicryl Binders are designed to perform:

  • Excellent fastness properties
  • Good paste stability
  • Compatibility with other components of paste
  • Enhances the colour value of paste
  • No choking / clogging of printing screen / roller
  • Goo feel of print

PIDIPRINTThickners: Pidillite has developed a range of synthetic thickners considering different requirements of customers. Pidiprint Thickener exhibits the following special properties:

  • Easy in preparation of paste
  • Stability of printing paste
  • Suitability of use in hard water
  • Shape and even prints
  • Good leveling

TEXCORN- Novel Fashion Printing System:

  • Texcron White NTTE- White pigment for novel application
  • Pidicorn Magic MCMP/PCS- Unique dark & bright shades on dyed grounds giving discharge like look.
  • Pidicron Stretch White & Clear- Elastic white and clear for garment printing.
  • Pidicryl Binder FJN- Glitter Printing
  • Pidicryl Gold Binder MMG SPL- For Gold, Silver, Bronze printing
  • Pidicryl Foil Binder 200, AFL 80- Foil Printing on garment & woven
  • Pidisol- Water based system for Plastisol effects
  • Pidicryl Binder RPP- Binder for PP Nonwoven printing
  • Perase Dry Discharge package- Print, Dry, Cure

TEXCORN- Discharge Printing System:

Pidicoat- Photoemulsion for Flat Screen making-

  • Pidicoat 2211- Soft screen
  • 2285- Hard screen
  • Pidicoat 3333- For sides of screen
  • Tuffner C – For imparting additional; hardness to screen

Table Adhesive:

  • Pidivyl TGPF- Ecofriendly Table adhesive
  • Pidivyl 50 KTG- Conventional Table adhesive

TEXCORN- Pigment Dyeing System: Popular with garment processors. Full package of chemicals offered by Pidilite to get excellent bright shades with very high washed down effects with good fastness properties.

TEXCORN- Denim & Fabric Coating:

  • Pigment Coating System- Coloured wash, down effect
  • Acrylic Coating- Controlled Washdown
  • P U Coating- Softer washdown effects
  • Shine Coating- Soft & glossy coating effects

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