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TENCEL™ brand celebrates the versatility of women with Studio Eva x Carola


tencelThe TENCEL™ brand recently collaborated with Studio Eva x Carola, a design duo at the forefront of innovation in performance textiles, to introduce “The Versatility Collection” which encompasses intimates, lifestyle wear and loungewear. The collection explores different aspects of female versatility by acknowledging the different roles that modern women play throughout their lives. From the home to the boardroom, modern women juggle multiple roles, and they do it with panache. The versatility collection recognizes women’s need for different textiles for diverse occasions and the impact that the quality of those textiles might have on daily life. By leveraging the versatility of Lenzing’s fibers and cutting-edge knitting technologies from different industry partners such as Santoni Shanghai, Samil Spinning, Camangi Corporation and Filix Group, Studio Eva x Carola created a series of textiles to help women navigate life’s challenges with a peaceful state of mind, by offering comfort from within.

Studio Eva x Carola’s approach to garment design is different from conventional designers. They adopt a hands-on approach as they believe successful designs are a result of the right fiber, material, and machine selection, which quickly led them to identify TENCEL™ branded fibers as the optimal choice for the collection. Produced with Micro technology, TENCEL™ Modal fibers exhibit exquisite silkiness, softness, and long-lasting suppleness. Processed by seamless knitting technology, TENCEL™ Modal fibers are spun into the finest yarn with a smooth and silky touch as well as resistance to pilling. Furthermore, the fibers are incredibly versatile and can be blended with most other fibers and cottons, enabling endless design possibilities. In this collection, some of the yarns are produced by blending TENCEL™ Modal fibers and Supima cotton, offering a slightly different texture from 100% TENCEL™ Modal fibers.

With this collection, Studio Eva x Carola aims to support the varying facets of modern womanhood, creating unique and versatile clothing by harnessing the versatility of different yarns. Studio Eva x Carola hope their collection will pave the way for a new breed of garments that are multifunctional yet comfortable at the same time. Alongside this, the innovative design studio is an advocate of product sustainability, believing that sustainable materials ‘can do more with less’ and serve to lengthen the product life cycle. The TENCEL™ brand is always interested in partnering with environmentally conscious designers, brands and studios and we are extremely honored to be in partnership with Studio Eva x Carola once again!