Tencel brand is a key milestone for Lenzing’s new brand strategy

tencel_event_04Tencel brand is a key milestone for Lenzing’s new brand strategy to enhance product offerings, foster connection with customers and consumers, and drive consumer demand. Tencel is well positioned to be a major growth engine in the textile sector, with a brand portfolio comprising Tencel Active, Tencel Denim, Tencel Home, Tencel Intimate, and Tencel Luxe, all enabled by two versatile and highly compatible fibers, Tencel Modal and Tencel Lyocell.

Tencel is adopted as Lenzing’s textile specialty brand for apparel and home applications, and is aimed to help create a unique and differentiating brand in the modal and lyocell fiber markets. The redefined Tencel product brand, along with the tagline Feels so right, will enable Lenzing to embark on communication around messages that move beyond fiber types and characteristics towards everyday use and benefits that brands and consumers value.

Since 2015, Lenzing has been migrating into a specialty fiber business with a strong focus on innovation, quality and sustainability. New swing tags and marketing materials will be launched at the retail level to provide clarity on product benefit claims containing Tencel branded fibers. The swing tags, along with more detailed guidelines on B2B and B2C use, are now available on Lenzing’s new e-branding service platform, which caters to B2B customers and retail partners, offering faster, more sustainable and more user-friendly solutions for certification and licensing.