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The TENCEL™ brand teamed up with andar to inspire eco-plogging movement to clean up South Korea


eco-koreaEco-plogging is the latest global trend sweeping the eco-conscious fashion community. Designed to keep participants in shape whilst cleaning up the environment, eco-plogging encourages joggers to collect trash while out running. In September, determined to reinforce their commitment to sustainability, leading South Korean athleisure brand, andar, teamed up with the TENCEL™ brand for an ambitious eco-plogging challenge of their own.

Andar and the TENCEL™ brand are no strangers, with work spanning multiple collections including collaborating on andar’s iconic T-shirts made from a blend of TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers and Spandex fabric. andar’s updated collection will see its relationship with the TENCEL™ brand broaden even further with the introduction of new innovative garments with blended TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fibers.

To increase awareness around the collection, and the importance of a clean environment, andar and the TENCEL™ brand’s eco-plogging event challenged participants to run 3,000 steps and collect trash on the streets between September 28 and October 18. The first 100 participants who successfully complete the challenge would receive a mesh bag made from TENCEL™ Modal fibers.

Local influencers set the campaign in motion with a co-branded video to explain and promote the challenge, whilst wearing t-shirts made from the TENCEL™ brand’s renowned modal fibers. During the video, which reached over 4,300 supporters, they tasked followers with completing the eco-blogging challenge in five days and subsequently appointing 2 – 3 further followers to spread the meaningful event across South Korea.

103 participants took part in the eco-plogging challenge, mobilising running experts, andar supporters and the general public. In total they ran over 236 kilometres and uploaded over 174 pieces of content to social media, creating a nationwide social media buzz about protecting the environment and the latest andar X TENCEL™ brand collaboration.

The TENCEL™ brand has always been committed creating a more sustainable planet and andar is heavily focused on helping Koreans seek comfort during any activity, making this eco-plogging challenge the perfect collaborative initiative to encourage consumers to clean up the environment whilst staying fit and healthy. The andar X TENCEL™ brand eco-plogging challenge proved to consumers across Korea that small actions taken every day can create a cleaner environment and help us live healthier lives.