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Tencel branded fibers launched by Lenzing


lenzing-introduces-tencel-branded-fibersAt the Première Vision show in Paris, Lenzing introduced Tencel branded lyocell and modal fibres with micro-technology for enhanced comfort. Lenzing is an expert in producing and marketing of microfibers for the textiles industry and gives this specialty fibre category a new boost. Lenzing’s fibre portfolio boasts of a wide range of fine fibres for the textiles and fashion industry. Light and smooth fabrics can be designed with these fibres which are a major contributor towards the comfort of the clothing and the wearer’s well-being.

Tencel Lyocell and Modal fibres are produced in titers of 1.00 – 0.80 dtex using Micro technology and processed to lightweight fabrics. A clothing of Tencel Lyocell or Modal fibres, produced with Micro technology, is light on the skin and has a flowing drape. It is defined by feel-good properties like silkiness, softness and long-lasting suppleness, the company reports. Furthermore, Tencel Lyocell and Modal fibres with Micro technology are naturally smooth and supple as tests confirm, according to the manufacturer.With this remarkable success, Lenzing will continue to breakthrough and deliver more options for consumers who look for sustainable household textile products.