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TENCEL™ FeelsSoRight global campaign encourages the world to embrace eco-fashion


feel-so-rightIn November 2019, the TENCEL™ brand unveiled its latest global co-branding campaign, FeelsSoRight, to drive evolutionary change in the fashion and textiles industry and raise awareness around TENCEL™ branded fibers. The TENCEL™ brand worked with 14 international and local fashion designers across five markets to create bespoke editorial, multimedia and social media content on the topic of sustainability for global fashion bibles Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

Vogue and Cosmopolitan are among the most trusted and popular fashion publications worldwide, providing a valuable platform for the TENCEL™ brand to speak directly to millions of readers, raise awareness on sustainable alternatives and share inspirations on the best eco-friendly purchases.

Co-branding partners for Phase One encompassed ready-to-wear, innerwear, activewear and loungewear with brands including SELECTED, The North Face and Sheridan taking part in markets such as Australia, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and the United States. The TENCEL™ brand worked hard to tailor content to the brand essence of partners and core features of their products.

From exciting sustainability awareness pieces to deep-dive articles on eco-responsible brands and fashion segments, co-branded content shone a light on the artisans leading fashion’s crusade toward a sustainable future, whilst educating readers about high quality yet effortlessly stylish eco-friendly fashion. The campaign also included consumer-centric videos and social media posts to further showcase TENCEL™ branded fibers whilst exploring the inspiration for eco-fashion from co-branding partners.

Forming a central hub throughout the entire campaign is the informative #FeelsSoRight website. Drawing together awareness content about sustainability in addition to top picks for outstanding TENCEL™ branded fiber-based pieces, the website features insights into co-branding partners and a guide on how consumers can buy TENCEL™ branded fiber-based products directly from brands.

Readers across the globe fell in love with the campaign’s eye-catching content, and in just over six months to June 2020, we are excited to reveal, #FeelsSoRight had reached over 41.3 million views across Europe, the US and Asia Pacific.

Currently, we are working hard to deliver #FeelsSoRight Phase Two, which will add China, Korea and Indonesia as new markets, and 16 new renowned brands including Jockey, Camper and ZALORA. Co-branded content and advertising will be expanded to include ELLE in addition to Vogue and Cosmopolitan, with total views expects to exceed a colossal 75 million worldwide. The #FeelsSoRight campaign has been a tremendous success for the TENCEL™ brand and co-branding partners, and we cannot wait to share more about the success of Phase Two very soon.