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Tex Talk- First ever panel discussion on Bangladesh Green Industry held in Dhaka


Jannatul Ferdous

Textile Focus & Red Carpet 365 Ltd. successfully organized for the 1st time “Tex Talk” on “Bangladesh Green Industry- Moving Ahead”, on December 03, 2017 at International Convention City Bashundhara, Dhaka. This was held 03rd day of BIGTEX, BIGFAB & Dyes Chem Exhibition which was organized by Red Carpet 365 Ltd. The panel discussion was moderated by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ali, Editor in Chief, Textile Focus; Dean, Faculty of Textile Management & Business Studies, Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX) while Engr. Abrar Ahmed Apu, Trainer & Advisor, AAA Control had a presentation on “Bangladesh Green Industry- Moving Ahead”. Distinguished guests Md. Fazlul Haque, Managing Director, Plumy Fashion Ltd; Faruque Hassan, Senior Vice President, Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BGMEA); Prof. Dr. Engr. Humaun Kabir, Vice Chancellor, IBAIS University; Engr. Salim Reza, Senior Vice President, The Institution of Textile Engineers & Technologist (ITET);Nabi Khan, Chief Business Officer, Color City Ltd.; Lutfor Rahman, Executive Director, Green Tech Foundationwere present as panel discussion members. Maeen Md. Khairul Akter, Managing Editor, Textile Focus coordinated the session. Textile Focus request Key discussions were mentioned bellow for our readers.

We are the no 01 textile industry in the world

– Mr. Md. Fazlul Haque, Managing Director, Plumy Fashion Ltd

fazlul-haqueModerator Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ali requested Mr. Md. Fazlul Haque to share his experience on Green factory set up and what problems he faced.  Mr. Fazlul Haque mentioned that, Bangladesh has the potentials to move faster in textile garments industry. Some incidents in last couple of year i.e Rana Plaza, Tazreen Fashion issues hearted me a lot. I found we are in better position in this sector except such accidental cases. Moreover there were a regular pressure from buyers to improve the compliance relates issues. That’s why I thought in a different angle and found green industry can be set up and I started working on that. Now it’s a milestone as we have 07 Lead Certified factories amount top ten in the world. We need to work on positive branding of our industry. I have found that there is a negative branding around the world regarding our industry. The international Medias don’t want to cover the positive movements and achievements of our industry, whereas we are the number 01 textile industry in the world. We need to work on this issue.

Bangladesh is the safest textile industry in the world

– Mr. Faruque Hasan, Senior Vice President, BGMEA

faraque-hassanMr. Faruque Hassan mentioned that, today’s topic of discussion is very important issue and Bangladesh is ahead in green industry. We are the second largest exporters in apparel also we are very advanced in home textiles. We don’t have any raw material i.e cotton, manmade fibers, dyes & chemicals, machineries of our own. We need to source those from abroad. But we are gradually improving day by day. The pathetic side is that we are to face so many negative criticisms. We need constructive criticism to develop the industry. Now we have 13 Platinum Green Factories and more factories in process of certification. So, we are advancing more. Government should take progressive initiatives by discussing with the stakeholders, entrepreneurs, associations. We don’t have sufficient support from the buyers. We have already set a target $50 billion export by 2021 which is very difficult for us now. Our overall growth is not frustrating, what we need to do now to synchronize all the parameter to achieve the export target. We will have to work on our branding as there are a lot of positive changes happening here. We have developed a lot in infrastructural developments, compliance issue, fire and safety issues. Now we are the safest industry in the world. As I am engaged with PCT (Partnership for Cleaner Textile) I worked on cleaner textile and we have a lot of visible development on less water for dyeing and finishing. We are working further development on best use of surface water by using less water in textile production in every stage.We have already 67 LEED certified green industry and more 300 factories in process of certification, which is a remarkable example in the world. The industry is supporting the government as government is getting more tax from this industry. We are working on continuous developments which results will be visible very soon.

Government along with the associations should move forward to patronize green industry

– Prof. Dr. Engr. Humaun Kabir, Vice Chancellor, IBAIS University


Prof. Dr. Engr. Humaun Kabir mentioned that, green Industry concept is now demand of the time. We need more awareness for Green Industry concept. Government and stake holders should work together to encourage the small entrepreneurs to set up the green industry. Financing is a major issue for the entrepreneurs, banks don’t want to give loan to the small entrepreneurs which is a big problem. Government along with the associations should move forward to patronize green industry.

Including green industry concept in the academic curriculum in textile education is very much important. Because the students will be the leaders of the industry, if they have the idea then it will help the industry in process upgradations. This is the prime time to enlist green industry concept in textile education curriculum and I hope it will be included in every universities, colleges which are providing textile education.

We need a common flat form to set up a proper guideline

Engr. Salim Reza, Senior Vice President, ITET

salim-rezaEngr. Salim Reza mentioned that, first of all need proper guideline for the green industry. We have some challenges in future which are also opportunities for us to work as well. We export 80% of our garment products to Europe where it takes 35 days for delivery whereas Sri Lanka needs 30 days, China needs 21 days, and Turkey needs only 07 days. There is a huge gap on shipment and delivery as a result the hot cake product which to be reordered we miss that opportunity to send those again due to time barrier. As a result other countries get the orders. We have a great lacking in skilled manpower, our workers’ efficiency is 40-45% whereas in Sri Lank or China if the efficiency is below 70%, they shut down the factory.  But we have the scopes to develop further for the quality education is very important. Currently 40,000 textile engineers are working in the industry and we still need more 10,000 textile engineers in the industry. We need a common flat form to set up a proper guideline including Government, Stakeholders, Associations, Buyers, and Trade Bodies to reach the proper sustainable development.

Now its time to think about green products

– Mr. Nabi Khan, Chief Business Officer, Color City Ltd.

nabi-khanMr. Nabi Khan mentioned that,we are talking about the green industry and green concept. Now its time to think about green products. Now it’s time to promote Made in Bangladesh around the world. That’s why from Eco thread we are trying to promote eco branding from Bangladesh. We have a lot of opportunities to work further value addition. Our history in textile industry is about 30-35 years, by this time we have developed a lot but still there are so many opportunities, we have manpower, technology, land and so on what we need to do to coordinate the scopes to get the best output.   We are now complete compliance industry so we can push the buyer for the price issue, also buyers should come forward to support the industry. We are working on green products, value added products and product designing.

There is a lack of awareness among the people regarding green concept

-Mr. Lutfor Rahman, Executive Director, Green Tech Foundation

lutfor-rahmanMr. Lutfor Rahman mentioned that, this discussion is very informative and important for the industry. From Green Tech Foundation we are trying to promote green industry for sustainable development. Working for a long time my finding is that there is a lack of awareness among the people regarding green concept. We need to work more on this area. Our strength we have quality people with dynamic attitude if we can guide them properly with sufficient training and grooming, they will add more value to the industry. Recently we are working with Bangladesh University of Professional (BUP) for capacity building among the engineers, professionals and architects. Financing in green industry is a very important part what we have found that very few entrepreneurs know details about green financing. We need to work on that part and make them convinced that investing in green industry is safer than any other industry. From Green Tech Foundation we have taken the intuitive to reduce the interest rate for green financing and we are organizing regular seminars, symposium and workshops for developing awareness.

We must develop the green industry for sustainable growth

-Prof. Dr. Mohmmad Ali, Editor in Chief, Textile Focus

dr-mohammad-aliModerator Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ali summed up the discussion session. He mentioned that we must develop the green industry for sustainable growth. Textile industry is the backbone of our economy so we have to move forward with the value added steps for the industry. Dr. Ali thanked the panel members for their informative sharing. He hoped that with the support from all Bangladesh will reach the sustainable development target in textile industry soon. He tanked Textile Focus and Redcarpet 365 Ltd. for organizing such knowledge sharing session.

At the end of the session Textile Focus team celebrated their 1st Anniversary by cutting cake with the distinguished guests.cake-cutting



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