Textile and Garment Industries Accelerate Automation of Manufacturing Activities to Continue Their Growth


Over 30 Quebec Companies Present in Milan for ITMA 2023, 

the World’s Biggest Manufacturing Technology Trade Show 

Dedicated to the Textile and Garment Sectors 

Over 30 Quebec companies and organizations from the textile and garment  sectors are preparing to attend ITMA 2023, the world’s biggest trade show in the area of manufacturing innovation and technology, which will take place in Milan, Italy, from June 8 to 14, 2023. The Quebec  mission will allow company executives to discover the most recent technological advances and invest  significantly in upgrading their manufacturing operations to continue their growth. The initiative is being  organized by TechniTextile Québec, CTT Group, the mmode Cluster, Vestechpro and the Comité sectoriel  de main-d’œuvre de l’industrie textile du Québec (CSMO Textile). 

Over 1,600 exhibitors and 125,000 visitors from around the world are expected for this year’s show. “We  are ready to support business leaders with establishing strategic partnerships that will help them  accelerate their transition to 4.0, which is essential in order to increase their productivity,” stated Dany  Charest, General Manager of TechniTextile Québec, the Technical Textile Materials Cluster. “The growing  demand for innovative technical materials, enthusiasm for buying locally, repatriation of some production  operations previously carried out abroad and labour shortage are all factors prompting organizations to  invest further in automation and integrating cutting-edge technology into their manufacturing activities.” 

“The mission of the expert team at CTT Group, a key technology transfer centre specializing in technical  textiles and advanced materials, will be to guide executives in analyzing and selecting manufacturing  equipment and textile materials,” explained Valerio Izquierdo, Vice-President, Business Development and  Partnerships, of CTT Group. “The acquisition of high-performance equipment will help companies to  maintain their value-added manufacturing activities here in Quebec while pursuing their growth  internationally.” 

A team from mmode, the Metropolitan Fashion Cluster, will also be on site to support companies in the  garment industry, who are ready to make substantial technological investments. “The garment production  sector in Quebec has grown by 5,000 manufacturing jobs since 2019,” noted Mathieu St-Arnaud Lavoie,  executive director of mmode.

Vestechpro, an apparel research and innovation centre, will be part of the delegation as well, with the  aim of helping organizations seeking solutions to create and implement innovative projects that will shape  the industry’s future, particularly in terms of sustainable development. The Vestechpro team is also there  to offer support during 4.0 audits and the digital transformation process. 

The Quebec industry will benefit from a dynamic exhibition booth in the heart of the Fiera Milano Rho  convention centre (CTT Group booth: no. H9-E104). This space will provide an ideal hub for business  leaders interested in holding many meetings and pursuing collaboration. It will also showcase the knowledge and expertise of Quebec companies. 

3a Moulinage, Alkegen, Attraction, Belt-Tech, CDRM, Créations Morin, Duvaltex, Block Bindings &  Interlinings, Lemieux Spinning, Logistik Unicorp, Marigold, Montloup, Nanophyll, Natpro, Niedner Altra,  Oratex, Régitex, Soleno Textile, SP, Stedfast, Venture Carpets, Texlima, Texonic, Coraltex Textiles, Textiles  Monterey, Maxime Knitting and Wazana Clothing are part of the initiative.